Hi Everyone! 

My name is Sravani Duggirala and I am the current president of the Zeta Delta Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon (aka DPhiE)! I am a 2024 majoring in course 3, Materials Science and Engineering! 

Two years ago I decided to go through fully-structured recruitment during my freshman fall, honestly on a whim. I at that point was still unsure about what I wanted out of a sorority let alone any community at MIT. But the genuine love, sisterhood and commitment to inclusivity and diversity of background and expression won me over and there has not been a single day since that I haven’t felt that love and sincerity extended to me. 

Last year was an extremely difficult time for me both emotionally and academically, but throughout the entire time I had the support of the members of this chapter. Whether it was just a casual dinner outing or spending nearly an hour after chapter with me to remind me that everything would be ok, DPhiE has always been a support system I can rely on to come back to. 

Throughout my recruitment experience I kept hearing the phrase “It’s not just for 4 years, it’s for life” and while I wholeheartedly believe so, I think every member of this chapter would agree that these 4 years would have to be the best part. Whether it’s movie nights at the house, apple picking in the rain, and unnecessarily competitive game nights even through the ups and downs  of college with this community I will be forever grateful for the experiences and sisterhood we have. 

As a member and leader in this chapter, Dphie has provided me with a space to champion and fight for the change I believe in. Dphie has always championed change and diversity, having written the Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion policy in the Delta PhiEpsilon bylaws and has put financial accessibility at a forefront of its values. As president, I hope to continue this chapter’s work on making Greek life a positive experience for everyone regardless of background.

Dphie has always made me feel grateful and proud to be who I am and I would like to reiterate the importance that has made for me. By joining a sorority that I not only felt inspired by but who respected me as I was, I have grown to understand just how important and valid our differences are as much as the similar values that tie us together.

Thank you so much and please reach out with any questions, 

Sravani Duggirala

Zeta Delta Chapter President