My name is Kat Tso, and I’m the President of the Zeta Delta Chapter of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority at MIT. I’m a 2022 double majoring in Materials Science & Engineering and History and joined DPhiE at the beginning of my first year.

To be honest, I barely knew what a sorority was until I was in one. At bid night, I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to make those deep and meaningful connections I kept hearing about from other members of the Panhel community. But then I went to see the MTG musical with alums Andrea and Liz and had as much fun as I had with my high school friends from home whom I had known for over 12 years. The next two years flew by, and I never again doubted the meaningful and deep friendships I made along the way. From watching the latest trash Netflix rom-com in our TV room to some impressive jaywalking led by fellow junior Julie, I owe so many of my most precious memories at MIT to DPhiE.

If you ever talked to me at the beginning of my first year, you would have heard me say that the main thing I wanted to find at MIT was a community where everyone supported and knew each other. And I found this through our Slack channels dedicated purely to venting or supporting each other’s accomplishments. I found this through the late night walks over the bridge, knowing I would be greeted by the warmth and life of our house and its members. I found this through all the ways we stayed connected and supported each other through the insanity of 2020 from postcards to podcast clubs to Zoom retreats.

And while I can safely say that choosing to join DPhiE was the best decision I made my first year, the Greek Life system as a whole has a long way to go before it can overturn its white supremacy foundations and truly become a safe space for all. I am so proud that our chapter of DPhiE spear-headed our nationals’ bylaw change to accept non-binary members and that we award internal financial aid to every single member that has every applied. And, with the love and support of this chapter, I will keep working hard this next year to make DPhiE and Greek Life more equitable and inclusive. 

I am so grateful and touched that this chapter gave me the chance to be President, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!



Kat Tso

Zeta Delta Chapter President