Hi Everyone!

My name is Bhuvna Murthy and I am the current president of the Zeta Delta Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon (aka DPhiE)! I am a 2023 majoring in course 20, Biological Engineering, and minoring in Biomedical Engineering. 

I joined DPhiE my freshman fall through fully structured recruitment. When I met my sisters at recruitment, I felt that DPhiE was where I felt most like myself. I am so grateful to my chapter for all they have taught me about friendship, leadership, and sisterhood. I am so thankful for the friends I have made and think back on very fond memories I have made in the Chapter, including getting in an argument over mint ice cream with Leila, recruiting my sophomore year with Brin while talking about rabbits, and having heart-to-hearts with Laura and Charlotte on a daily basis. When I ran recruitment as VP of Recruitment last year, I got to meet and get close with so many wonderful sisters, while teaching them our official DPhiE songs and asking them to clap with their elbows parallel to the ground (!). I will never forget the way we laughed, chanted, and screamed during recruitment. It meant so much to me and made me feel so happy when they celebrated my birthday on bid night! My sisters are some of my closest friends and I have no idea what I would do without them. 

My favorite thing about our Chapter is our desire to make change and improvement and to never be fine with “the way things are.” We recognize that, while we love our chapter, Greek Life as whole has long ways to go in terms of addressing and fixing its problematic past of discrimination and foundations in white supremacy. I am so proud of our chapter’s work in the past to implement the Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy in Delta Phi Epsilon’s bylaws and our current work to continue providing internal financial aid, so sisters can afford their dues. As president, I will continue DPhiE’s work to make recruitment and Greek Life more accessible and equitable. 

As my chapter members know, because I always repeat this to them, I didn’t just find a community and friends in DPhiE. I found myself. I have uncovered and encountered so many new things about myself that have allowed me to reflect on myself and grow. I have so much to learn and I am so lucky to be a part of such a supportive and inspiring community that pushes me to grow at every turn. I just hope that I can give back to the community that has given me so much and am so grateful for the opportunity to do so. 


Thank you so much and please reach out with any questions, 

Bhuvna Murthy

Zeta Delta Chapter President