• How can I join DPhiE?

You can sign up for formal recruitment at MIT here. Formal recruitment is a four-day long event that allows you to meet each sorority on campus and get to know more about their culture, values, and members. Formal recruitment ultimately helps you find the sorority that is the best fit for you!

  • What are the practical benefits of sorority membership?

We support academic success with peer mentoring, resume workshops, finals review sessions, and group studying. We also have numerous opportunities to develop leadership and interpersonal skills through seminars, national conferences, and holding executive and coordinator positions within the chapter. By volunteering and performing service projects in our greater community, we try to set a pattern of lifelong service to others. Most of all, DPhiE offers a lifetime network of people of all ages throughout the world via our alumni chapters, online groups, and reunions. 

  • Does DPhiE have a house?

Yes! Our beautiful home is just across the river from MIT in Boston. Some sisters prefer to stay on campus all four years, but the house is a welcoming place for sisters who live there and sisters who don’t.

  • Does being in a sorority have an impact on academics?

Yes, a positive one! The average GPA for all of MIT hovers around a 4.0/5.0 and the average GPA for members of a sorority is 4.6/5.0.

  • Do I have to pay to be in a sorority?

Short answer, yes. Our dues are comparable to other chapters on campus and are, for the most part, all-inclusive. This means that dues will pay for national membership fees, sisterhood events, formals, retreats, and other events throughout the semester. That being said, occasionally there’s an optional t-shirt you can choose to buy or a charge for bringing a date to a formal that might add a few dollars to dues. We do offer payment plans, chapter-specific financial aid, MIT Panhellenic scholarships, DPhiE Educational Foundation scholarships, and Boston Alumni Panhellenic Association Scholarships to help pay for or offset the cost of dues. We don’t want finances to be a major deterrent from pursuing membership.

  • Will I be hazed if I join a sorority?

Absolutely not. Hazing is against the law and all campus organizations have policies prohibiting hazing in any form. Our chapter believes in uplifting each other and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Hazing is not tolerable in any situation.

  • Is DPhiE LGBTQ-friendly?

Yes! We have many members and alums of DPhiE that identify as queer! Our headquarters also adopted a non-binary and trans inclusion policy for recruitment as a result of our chapter’s efforts and initiative. We strongly support our members involved in Affiliated, a student group for LGBTQ+ members of FSILGs as well.

  • What do I do if I’m a legacy?

If you’re a legacy, click here and scroll to the bottom to fill out the legacy form.

  • What is the New Member Period like?

Our new member program is six weeks long. The first week gives a brief overview of Delta Phi Epsilon’s history and founding. In each of the following weeks, we focus on one of the five core areas of the sorority (the 5S’s)–Self, Scholarship, Sisterhood, Social, and Service. You will have four people–VP of Membership Development, New Member Educator, Asst. New Member Educator, and an Iris Sister (a mentor/guide and point of contact within DPhiE to help answer any questions you may have)–who will support you in this new member period. The new member period is designed to familiarize yourself with Delta Phi Epsilon’s standards, expectations of membership, and sisterhood so that you know you are fully ready to become a sister when it comes time for initiation. 

Throughout this process you will have a weekly meeting with your new member class for about an hour. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend general DPhiE events. You will also have current members reach out to you to get coffee, come to the house for a movie night, or maybe just study together to try to get to know you better. Once the new member process is over, you will be an official member of DPhiE!

As stated earlier, we have a strict no hazing policy. We do not tolerate hazing activities and will not allow our new members to be hazed. We believe the way to a strong sisterhood is to show love and respect to all members (new and old).

  • Why are some people’s faces covered in pictures?

They are serving as Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors, otherwise known as a Pi Rho Chi (PRC), and will guide you through the recruitment process. Each PRC is an unbiased sorority member who has temporarily disaffiilated to be better able to discuss and answer questions about recruitment or sororities in general. They act as counselors, advisers, and friends.

  • I have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page.

That’s totally fine! Please feel free to check out MT Panhellenic’s website for more frequently asked questions, use our Contact Us page or email our VP of Recruitment, Kyra Majors, with any other questions or concerns and she will help you out.