In our chapter, when preparing for recruitment, we have a saying: people join people. Throughout recruitment, you should think about which people–beyond the letters, beyond the other things that go into an organization–you want to join. Delta Phi Epsilon members come from all walks of life and perspectives. One thing we all have in common is our recognition and love of DPhiE’s motto – esse quam videri – which means ‘to be rather than to seem to be.’ We are dedicated to unapologetically being ourselves – and we hope to help each other bring out the best self that each of us can be! As MIT’s newest sorority we are still defining who we are on this campus, and it is a great time to get involved and help build up a sisterhood that will last for years to come.   

“A group of MIT DPhiE sisters wrote the letter that inspired our international headquarters’ new gender inclusion policy. To me this represents the best of DPhiE – a group of sisters committed to changing the world for the better, and to living out esse quam videri. Rather than encouraging a limited definition of sisterhood and femininity, my sisters have always supported me and each other in being our truest and fullest selves, including through different gender identities and presentations, and in creating our own meaning of sisterhood… but also we’re p chill” ~Emily Thai, 2017

“I first looked into joining DPhiE simply because I wanted to try something different. The more I learned and the more people I met, though, the more I realized that the women in my sorority are incredibly strong-willed, intelligent, and caring. Best of all, we refuse to let the opinions of others govern our self-worth and determination to pursue our unique and varied passions.” ~Kyra Douglas, 2017

“I was yearning to feel like I belonged to a community at MIT after being ripped away from my home in Bexley. I didn’t even know the rest of the group before I made the decision to join, but I knew that our aligned interest in DPhiE’s values and our will to create something for ourselves would result in a wonderful group of women. Every moment since joining DPhiE has proven this to be true. I am proud to call these strong, caring and extremely capable individuals my sisters.” ~Kathy Dieppa, 2017

“Because even through the most difficult (and potentially humiliating) times, my sisters have always been at my side.” ~Ana Lo, 2017

“Home away from home. Unicorns. Diversity. Esse quam videri.” ~Catheryn Li, 2018

“I am accepted just as who I am.” ~Isabella Kim, 2018

“I wanted to be a part of a community. We share a lot of the same values, which is great, but I really think the support that we all give to one another is amazing. Just knowing that someone will always be thinking about you and will always have your back is very comforting during such what can be such a difficult time in college. I love DPhiE and the people in it and I’m really happy that I joined.” ~Kayla Tabb, 2018