PC: Vivian Hu



Dear Alumni of the Zeta Delta Chapter of DPhiE,

Congratulations on entering the new phase of your life! We’re excited to see where you’ll go and the amazing things you will contribute to the world.

Being a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon means being part of a group of thousands of people who empower one another and make an impact within their communities. There may come times when we’re not as connected to our sisterhood as we’d like. However, there are many ways to incorporate Delta Phi Epsilon into everyday life. Whether you join the conversation on one of our various social media accounts, attend chapter events, join an alumnae association, or invest in our future through donations, there are so many ways to stay connected to DPhiE.

Be sure to join the DPhiE MIT Alumni Facebook group and update your contact info with MIT through the MIT Alumni Association Infinite Connection, if you haven’t already. Visit here if you’re interested in volunteering your time with DPhiE as a whole, and reach out to Leilani (dphie-president@mit.edu) if you’re interested in volunteering with our chapter specifically. Our alumni google calendar is live, so please visit the DPhiE MIT alumni FB group for more details about alumni events on campus. Under the alumni newsletter archive page, you will find old issues of our newsletter, The Unicorn Horn, so that you can stay up-to-date on how we’re all doing. And finally, if you would like to donate to the chapter, click here!

Collect donations online with billhighway.com!

We miss you all and hope you’re doing well. If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re going after MIT, DPhiE will always be there to welcome you home with open arms.

YITS, Zeta Delta